How to Repair a Kicked Door

It is very unfortunate if you have ever been a culprit of this unacceptable and destructive act of kicking down someone’s door. However, no need to worry much in case yours or your neighbor’s door has been kicked down, because it is not as worse as it may look and it can be fixed with a few simple solutions. The kick can have a greater impact on the door, and it can loosen the door from its tracks by inches and thus affect the door’s movement. You can more often than not fix a kick-in door frame by sticking it back together.

How to Repair a Kicked Door
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  • Supplement the bargain end of the blade between the free packaging on the door handle side, on the door inside. Draw the packaging from the frame at the top where it is still nailed on, utilizing your fingers and that of the putty blade. Dispose of the packaging or casing if it is partly or wholly damaged. With the help of the diagonal pliers, pull out the nails remaining.
  • If the split gets behind the door, expel the striker plate effectively. The screws that hold the striker place ought to be unscrewed with the help or assistance of a screwdriver. After that, from the mortise, remove the plate. If the plate is unblemished, leave it in its present condition.
  • Once again, back to the original position, drive the chipped support. Wipe the chips clean and guarantee the different sides of the support fit back together sensibly and firmly.
  • Draw the split sides of the frame open. Glue ought to be applied to those areas on the side of the door that may be damaged.
  • Spot cinches over the pillar. Ensure that all is fixed and tight and even the glue overflows are wiped off. Give it some time to dry.
  • Scratch off any lingering dried paste from the door. You can use a chisel while cleaning and cutting the edge so as there can be fit of the striker plate.
  • Nail back the casing into its right place and fit. The 1 1/4 inch of the nail should be used in this case.
  • With the help of a nailset, the nails ought to be tapped underneath the casing surface.
  • Some of the things that will be used to obtain this repair are the knife, screwdriver, nails 1¼ inch, knife or blade, placement casing which is optional in this case, crayon and pliers.

It is necessary to understand the reasons behind you being the victim of this unfortunate situation. In case it is something that you can avoid, better avoid it because it can cause you much cost next time. In case it is the kids, then you need to train them against the destructive habit.