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Door making a noise when closing? Or, is the door hinges falling off?

Door Closers

Door closers refer to hardware to manage the speed with which a door is closed or opened. It usually is present at the door’s top, close to the hinge and regulates the door opening and closing actions.

We have doors now which have a spring with hydraulic devices to regulate door closing action.

Normally, you will see door closers in offices, schools, commercial establishments, industrial settings and restaurants. Simple and advanced, they come in a variety of mechanisms.

Different for different doors, a door closers is specific to the kind of door being used. The many kinds of questions to ask when selecting a door closer include:

  • The weight of the door
  • The material used to make the door
  • The frequency of traffic passing the door – low, medium or heavy
  • The requirement to install the door – standard, top jamb or parallel arm
  • Possible door closer functions – backcheck, delayed, latch speed
  • Color and finishing choice for the door

Door Hinges

It can be challenging to find the right kind of door hinge for your purpose. With such a wide variety of hinges available, choosing the right one is not easy.

Hinges are devices which enable a door to swing in different directions. They help increase sturdiness of the door and equally distribute the door’s weight. They can be easily installed and transform the home décor with their presence. Once you know the kind of hinges you want, getting it installed professionally is vital.

They have four types of configurations: full-surface, half- surface, full-mortise and half-mortise. Get a professional and experienced door repair company to get this done as it involves different leaf placements.

They come in steel, copper, aluminium and a variety of finishes as well. Choose the ones you want to complement the design, décor of your house and furniture. Variations include polished, primed and rust-resistant kinds and different sizes from 2- 4 inches.

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