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While closing, does your attic door make a funny sound? Do you think, the door hinge may fall off from your office door? Our company will help you with it.

Door Closers

A door closer is a basic hardware that controls the speed of opening and closing the door. Door closers are typically positioned on the door’s top edge and very close to a door hinge.

Door Closers Repair North York

The new kinds of modern doors come with springs fitted with hydraulic devices built-in which enable smooth closing and opening of doors. Door closers are majorly used in schools, commercial establishments, industrial settings and restaurants. Door closers come in many diverse styles ranging from simple to advanced.

Door closers can be customized for the door they are being fitted on and need to be installed professionally. All door closers are specific to the type of door and need to be installed accordingly. There are many factors you need to see while choosing a door closer:

  • Type of material from which the door is manufactured
  • Door’s weight
  • Door traffic frequency – low, medium or high
  • Kind of door installation – top jamb, standard, parallel arm
  • Door closer functions – backcheck, delayed, latch speed
  • Type of door color and finishing required

Door Hinges

Choosing door hinges can be complex as they are difficult to understand. They are specialized mechanisms which help a door swing out in different directions. Knowing more about door hinges is advisable before purchasing them due to the many options of door hinges present in the market.

A door hinge helps increase the sturdiness of the door and balances out its durability. When you get the hinges installed professionally, its life increases. Installing a door hinge helps transform the complete look of the room.

Four kinds of door hinges are available such as full-mortise, half-mortise, full-surface and half-surface. It can be really tough for an amateur to place different leaves for different kind of door hinges.

You should always trust a reputed door repair company to help choose and install the door hinge.

Did you know that you can even select the exact kind and finish of the door hinge you like by allowing it to merge with the room and home décor?

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