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Sliding doors are doors placed on a sliding track, which enables the door to close in opposite directions. It can go towards one direction as well.

Most commonly found in residential and commercial locations, they enhance the looks and décor of the area where they are placed.

They are usually installed at exit points to outdoor areas and are made of fibreglass, wood or glass. This type of door is very energy efficient.

Regular maintenance is essential to ensure they remain robust and durable for years. Lack of maintenance makes them unsafe and risky to use.

Sliding Door Services

Our sliding door service includes:

  • Sliding & Patio Door Repair
  • Sliding & Patio Door Replacement
  • Sliding & Patio Door Installation
  • Broken & Patio Rollers Replacement
  • Sliding & Patio Door Locks
  • Sliding glass door repair
  • Track repair and installation

There could be many reasons why a sliding door may not work correctly. It is essential to identify the reason why the rollers got derailed, the fitment and placement of the rollers on the sliding track.

Sliding Glass Door Repair

Removing a Sliding Patio Door

Sliding door replacements or instalments may be required for your home. The rollers may need replacement to ensure the proper working of the patio door.

Roller repair is done by opening the door frame first and then putting it back.

Give us a call to get your annual repair and maintenance of the sliding doors. Special maintenance is needed for the sliding track to reinforce its door safety.

Sliding doors are a specialized door type and can be very heavy. It is best to have all sliding door repair, replacement, installation performed by a professional and experienced door repair company.

Our bonded, insured and licensed technicians will do it all for you at your location.

A dedicated and reliable door repair company in Toronto, we have hundreds of loyal and repeat customers.

Any time you need a door repair guy, call us.

Get all your door repairs done and be at ease.

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