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Can you see signs of corrosion on your kitchen door’s hinge? Is the attic’s door closer making weird sounds at the time of opening? Well, all these are times when you need expert care for the door closers and the door hinges which are installed in your home, office or store.

Door Closers

A door closer is a category of hardware which helps to regulate the speed of door opening and closing. If you may have noticed, door closer is present at the top edge of a door and very close to a door hinge.  Do you know that the new models of doors come with hydraulic devices in conjunction with springs which are the latest innovation in the door closer category?

Door Closers Repair Vaughan


Door closers are typically found in restaurants, schools, offices, commercial establishments and industrial settings. It is an essential door accessory which comes in a range of styles from simple to advanced.

Door closers need to be installed carefully as per the type of door and its compatibility with the door material. Let’s look at the factors which you need to consider while choosing a door closer:

  • Door’s material
  • Door’s weight
  • Door’s traffic frequency – low, medium or high
  • Preferred door installation mechanism- standard, top jamb, parallel arm
  • Preferred door closer functions – delayed, latch speed and backcheck
  • Door color and finishing preferred

Door Hinges

A door hinge is a specialized device which enables a door to swing in different directions. You would need to pick a door hinge carefully as choosing a suitable one can be tricky. Many varieties of a door hinge are available in the market so knowing more about them will certainly help before you make your purchase.

A door’s durability undergoes a sea change if a good quality door hinge is installed most professionally. A door hinge can also assist in balancing the door’s weight all across the breadth of the door.

You may note that many kinds of door hinges are available like full-mortise, full-surface, half-mortise, and half- surface. It is recommended to choose a quality and experienced door repair company for accurate installation of the door hinge. An amateur may not do as well considering the variety of leaf placements which need to be in tandem with the kind of door hinge.

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