How to Repair a Screen Door

A functional screen door brings both efficiency and beauty. However, a broken screen door can cause a lot of trouble. The good news is that repairing a broken screen door is never as hard a task as many people seem to think. First of all, ensure you equip yourself with the following:

  • Mesh Screening
  • Roller Tool
  • Spline
  • Utility knife
  • Screwdriver
  • Scissors

Once you are well-armed with these tools, the following are the simple steps for your screen door and sliding door repair.

How to Repair a Screen Door

Step 1: Remove the door

Start by taking the door off its track and bring it inside. Take off the handle that is on the screen side of the door using the screwdriver to allow you ease when laying out the new mesh screening. Ensure you have a large flat surface on which to lay the screen door.

Step 2: Remove the old spline

One of the main causes of broken screen doors is when the spline comes out, making the screen loose. Dig the screwdriver into the crevice of the corner and pull it from the perimeter. You most probably won’t need this spline, so you can throw it away.

Step 3: Remove the old screening

Having removed the spline, the screening remains unsecured. Unroll it and discard because it most likely won’t be reusable.

Step 4: Roll out the new screening along the door-length. Leave a few extra inches and use a utility knife to cut it off from the roll.

Remember to choose a thicker screening if you have pets (although they are usually more costly).

Step 5: Pre-roll the sides of the door to push the screening down to the edge of the crevice. When that is done, pre-roll also the top and bottom.

To ensure you have a tight screening without waves, do it left to right, then top to bottom, instead of the clockwise or counterclockwise style.

Step 6: Roll in the new spline

Shove the end of the spline into the bottom right side of the door, and then carefully roll the spline into the lip. Next, work your way up from the bottom right to top right. Start at the top left with a new bag of spline and work your way to the bottom left.

Step 7: Cut any excess spline and screen

Ensure you adequately shove the spline well into the four corners. To ensure it stays in place. Now use the scissors to cut off excess spline. Use the utility knife to cut off the screening. Do this by pulling away the excess screening from the door and move the knife around the edges.

Step 8: Add the door handle and hang the door

Use your screwdriver to add back the handle. Ensure you restore it precisely. After that, get the door back on its track.

It is that simple! If you followed the process properly, everything should now be complete and perfect. Your screen door is now back and functioning well. You can now proudly leave it open without any fears.

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