How to repair a sliding glass door

Your sliding glass door can get sticky and hard to open. This happens when the wheels are misaligned, or the tracks have just gotten dirty. You should not worry when you find yourself in this situation. Let us have a look at how best you can repair your sliding door and replace a flimsy screen.

First, you will have to gather all the requisite tools for this exercise. You need a screwdriver, an Allen wrench, drill, pry bar, screen roller a utility knife to execute this exercise successfully. You will also need the materials for the job, including a premium replacement screen door and rollers. You should also get a silicone lubricant.

How to repair a sliding glass door

The first step in repairing your glass door is the adjustment of rollers. You will first have to lift or lower the door on its track with the aid of a screwdriver and the Allen wrench. Ensure that it is raised enough to clear the track and roll effortlessly. Trace the adjustment screws that lie on the door’s base and pop out trim caps that cover the screws. If one side appears to be lower, adjust the screw until the door is raised evenly on the track. If this fails, then adjust both crews to raise the whole door. Slide the door short of the frame and ensure that you attain evenness in this gap. Call commercial door repair if you have any questions.

You should now take out the screws holding the step molding. Cut the paint on the stop molding’s side. This will enable the molding to come out effectively. If the door fails to come out smoothly, then you will have to check on the rollers. After the stop is removed, the door should be held in place lest it falls and breaks.

With the help of a friend, hold the door by the edges and get it off the track. Let it rest on a wall. You can inspect the rollers for problems.

If you find the rollers full of dirt and debris, ensure that you clean them and add a few drops of lubricants and check whether they spin freely. In case they are worn out, cracked or bent, then you should remove and replace them with new ones. Just unscrew and remove the screws holding the rollers in place to remove or clean them.

You can get new rollers when repairing your sliding door. They are available online. If the rollers are just dirty, you should scrub them and grime them out using a stiff brush and soapy water. In case the doors are still not rolling smoothly, then you should adjust the rollers under the door.

Premium glass doors are the best option. They are made from extruded aluminum. This means that they don’t usually flex compared to the common cheapo rolled aluminum sliding doors. They are also made of thicker metal and have very rigid corners. Ensure that you go for high-quality wheels for the door to slide more easily. You can slide this back to the track in case your glass door is worn out or broken. You will have repaired your sliding glass door. But if you want to save your time, you can call sliding glass door repair service anytime.

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