How to Repair Door Bell

A few reasons can explain why your doorbell has stopped working, and these reasons can be corrected and get your doorbell back to its perfect state. Here are some of the common problems with doorbells and how they can be fixed with door repair service.

How to Repair Door Bell

1. A problem with the button

The first problem that can cause the doorbell to stop working is a malfunction in the button. To check this, you should unscrew the button from the door casing. After that, remove the screws from the wires then cross the wires. If there is a problem with the button, then the chime will ring once you cross the wires and you need to consider replacing the button. However, if it does not ring, then the problem is not with the button.
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2. A problem with the continuity

Testing for continuity will require that you use a multimeter by placing each of its probes on each terminal screws at the back of the button. Press the button to see if the meter’s needle will move. If there is movement, then the button is okay, otherwise, if it does not move, then the button has a malfunction and should be replaced.

To replace a button, you need to have the wires of the new button attached to the back of the terminal screw, then fasten the screws to the door casing.

3. A problem with the transformer

If the button is okay, then the next thing to test is the transformer. Using the multimeter, set to voltage setting, find where the small-gauge doorbell wires are attached and place the multimeter’s probes there. If there is no problem with the transformer, then the multimeter will read 16 volts or so. However, if the reading is below 16, then the transformer has a problem. In which case, you should call the electrician to identify the problem and replace it.

4. A problem with the chime

Progressively, if both the transformer and the button are in good shape, then the next thing that could be causing the problem is the chime. Again, testing the chime for the issues will require a multimeter, whose probes you will place on the wires of the chime. When you or someone pushes the button with the probes on the wires, the multimeter will either show that the current is flowing, but the bell is not ringing, or there will be no flow of current. If the former happens, then the chime is faulty, and it should be replaced. However, when there is no flow of current, then the chiming is not defective.

5. A problem with the wiring

The last problem to be considered after testing all these is a fault in the wiring. In such a case, you need to have a professional find the problem in the wiring and rectify it. After doing all these tests and repairs, your doorbell will be back functioning perfectly.

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