How to Repair Garage Door Cable

Your garage door cables are essential components that enable your door to operate seamlessly. They act in collaboration with the torsion springs. Whenever you raise a garage door, the cables will unwind. When you close the garage door, the cables will wrap around the grooves in the cable drum. Broken cables are dangerous and can result in fatalities.

Further, when they break, they will deny you access to your garage. Owing to the nature of dangers involved in repairing this, you should call in an expert to fix it for you. However, there exist simple steps that you can follow to actualize your vision of repairing your garage door cable. Note that the process of door repair can be more complex than it might sound. You will have to be extremely careful or else the springs might injure you.

How to Repair Garage Door Cable

You will first have to diagnose the problem before you start the process. There are many factors that cause malfunctioning of the garage door. It could be the cables, or the problem could be with the operator. Cables are comparatively easy to repair compared to the operator. If the problem is the operator, then you will have to call in a professional. Nonetheless, let’s sojourn on some of the common issues with garage door cables and how to mitigate them. If you like to hire door repair contractors, just get a quote!

First, test the cables on the garage door. This is done by opening the door completely before disconnecting the automatic opener. This is an emergency precaution. Electrical connections can be dangerous and can easily result in fatalities. After the disconnection, try moving the garage door manually. If the door is not moving easily on the tracks, then there is a problem with the cables. In real sense, the door should be moving easily along the tracks on both sides.

In most instances, cables don’t necessarily break; they simply slip from the pulley system. This is the simplest garage door cables issue. Start by opening the garage door partway. Ensure that it is a few feet from the ground. Hold it in place using vice grips which you should attach to both sides of the track. Get yourself a ladder to help in accessing the pulley system for inspection. You can pull it back to the track if it just slipped from the pulley’s track. You will have addressed the cable issue.

During the inspection, you might realize that the cable has broken. Usually, this is caused by long-time strain on the cable due to frequent opening and closing of the door. This speaks to the quality of the cable. Heavy-duty cables can serve you for a longer period of time compared to the economy cables that can hardly serve you beyond five years. Since replacing these cables is dangerous and require technical expertise, contact a professional to do the replacement for you. Most professionals take up to two hours to correct this.

In these two events, ensure that you adhere to these strategies for desirable results.

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