How to repair garage door spring

Garage door spring helps you in offsetting the weight of the door and makes it easy for you to open and close the door. This is with disregard to automation or not. When used consistently, they get worn out over time. The springs become loose and less effective. There are different types of garage door springs. Garage doors usually have two types of springs. These include torsion or extension. The torsion garage door springs are heavy duty and are usually mounted to a metal rod running parallel to the door directly above the door’s opening. They have cables that attach the bottom corners of the door. When such doors are opened, the springs unwind and aid in lifting the door up.

On the other hand, extension springs are longer and lightweight springs. They run perpendicularly to the door. They are mounted over the horizontal portions of the door tracks. They easily can easily get tensioned as they are usually stretched out by the use of cables and pulleys. Ask us any questions about door repair services you may have or get a free quote.

How to repair garage door spring

Symptoms of Failing Springs

If your garage door has aging springs, heavy loads become unbearable for it. When you hear your electric door strain when opening or closing it, then you should consider replacing the springs. Old springs can also break suddenly, which will definitely slam the door shut. In case one spring break, the door will be feeling heavy when you try to open it manually. If you have an automatic door opener, it might not b able to lift the door. You cannot repair a garage door spring. The only way to maintain it is by replacing the spring.

Mind Your Safety

If you suspect that the garage door spring has broken, it is advisable not to disconnect the opener from the door when the door is open. The door might come crashing on you. This could be fatal. If you are going to leave the door open during the repair, then you will have to block the track on both sides of the door to prevent the door from moving. Unplug the door from power.


Just as we had mentioned, garage door springs cannot be repaired. You will have to replace them. However, you should understand that due to the risks involved and the expertise required, you should leave it to the experts. Nevertheless, if you are an expert, you can consider repairing on your own. The tools required for this procedure are also sophisticated. You will have to get them.

Further, the procedure involved is long and too complicated for a non-expert. When doing the door repair, ensure you get the appropriate size for replacement spring. These springs are available online. You can place an order. Take precautions to prevent injury, especially when dealing with heavy springs.

If you involve a professional, your garage door spring can be done within an hour or two. When engaging a professional, ask them the quality of spring they will use on your garage door. Go for the top line springs. They can serve you for life, unlike the economy springs that last about five years. You should also consider replacing the opener during this time.

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